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Phone: 03 5821 0626
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COVID-19 Update

Plan Scan Client information

Just a quick note from the team at Plan Scan to update you on our status regarding the virus crisis.

You would be aware that we are currently trading as normal.
We have implemented a “workplace virus safety strategy” designed to reduce exposure and limit risks to our employees and clients.
That strategy includes measures which comply with the social distancing and hygiene requirements as recommended by the authorities.
Our normal trading arrangements will continue until the government (or our staff) decide otherwise.

We are anticipating that at some time over the next few days the National Cabinet will issue a directive for the closure of non-essential businesses and the cessation of non-essential travel.
Until that happens we will continue to operate as per our “workplace virus safety strategy”.
That directive is likely to result in the closure of our office as a workplace.

In the best interests of our staff and others we have decided to close, ie. not withstanding what the government may decide in the interim.
We shall commence a staged closure of our office from 5.00pm tonight, Friday 27/3/20.
That process will be completed by 5.00pm on Tuesday 31/3/20, after which all contact will be by telephone or email.

We shall continue to receive and respond to incoming calls through our switchboard during normal business hours.
Our hard (snail) mail arrangements are unchanged and our email addresses will remain unchanged.
Also, our accounts payable, receivables and payroll functions will continue as normal.
Your early attention to any outstanding accounts would be appreciated.

In preparation for the closure of our office we have arranged for our key staff to continue to work from home.
This will allow us to keep our team intact, in work and delivering services.
We continue to enjoy the support of many of our clients and have enough work to continue to operate.
At this time, we expect this work will continue for at least the next 2 to 3 months.

Our ability to work from home will be facilitated using a secure VPN access to our network.
This will allow our work to progress and enable normal email continuity in a secure environment.
Email will be our preferred point of contact; however, telephone contact will be available during business hours, ie. from 8.30am to 5.00pm.

Plan Scan provides a range of services to the insurance industry and has done for many years.
Under that arrangement we often undertake work deemed to be of an “essential service “nature.
All of our wide format services, scanning and printing will be operational.
As will our graphic design services, photo enhancement, image restorations, poster and plan printing etc., will continue to be available.

If you require our services for any matters which you believe may be deemed “essential service”, please provide instruction to our office or by email.
We will then contact you to review the matter to ensure “essential service” criteria is met.
If so, we can then make necessary arrangements as required despite the shut-down.

In closing, we would like to extend to you our best wishes for the next few weeks ahead.
We will continue to advise you of any further changes as they may become necessary.
Please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Take care and stay safe.

Glen & Fay Ryan and the Team at Plan Scan Vic.

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